FASBO has been dedicated to the educational support of its Members for the past 50 years; assisting in professional development to establish and maintain best practices in the school business environment. Strategic supplier relationships are also promoted in order to bring value to the school districts they partner with.

The Vendor Exhibits and Round Table Sessions are venues that allow collaboration opportunities to advance district projects and planning initiatives. Given the wide variation in procurement processes that exist among Florida School Districts as they employ required procedures, it can be challenging to establish proactive communication with vendors when these requirements are unfamiliar.

To ensure that communication and translation between the district stakeholders and the vendors will be successful, FASBO has scheduled a “Vendor Education Seminar” to be presented by a former School District Procurement Professional. This seminar will provide a summary of the procurement policies and procedures, governing the Florida School Districts, for the purchase of supplies, materials, commodities, goods and services, as well as constructing and maintaining a large variety of facilities. Increased knowledge of government procurement will facilitate an enhanced relationship framework and greater vendor engagement.

FASBO will continue to promote the best educational programs for both its Members and the Vendors that partner with them.  We look forward to a great Conference as we celebrate our accomplishment of 50 years supporting Florida’s School Business Officials!