Why Participate in The Florida Association of School Business Officials (FASBO)? 


Glad you asked. 

As you already know (if you’re a Public Servant working in education in Florida) there are no easy jobs—if indeed there ever were—and everyone I know in education now reports that they are working as hard, if not harder, than they ever did in private industry.  Thankfully, the recession and the massive layoffs which ensued from it are a distant memory, but that doesn’t mean our departments have rebounded to the staffing levels of the first years of this millennium.  Indeed, in our department, we’re staffed exactly as we were at the bottom of the recession but the number of work orders is higher than ever.  “More with less” is here to stay. 

So if you are fortunate enough to be a leader in public education today, whether in a “traditional” business area like Accounting, Finance, or Payroll, or in an operations department like Transportation, Food and Nutrition Services, Energy Management, Custodial and Operations, Facilities Construction, or Maintenance, you are forced to grow and adapt every year.  That’s where the Florida Association of School Business Officials—FASBO—can help. You see, not only is FASBO a great place to exchange knowledge (and war stories) with other professionals from around the state, FASBO is uniquely positioned at the intersection of ALL of the disciplines of school business; the dollars driving it—the Business of Education. 

You can argue with those who say we should “operate schools like a business” (and as a father of two wonderful Special Needs people I would agree with you) but you cannot argue that there is a great deal of “Business” in every area of education.  This great association is the only one which brings us all together to work on our individual areas of expertise, while also allowing us to expand our knowledge and literacy in the other areas of School Business. 

For the rest of this time together, I’d like to share the thoughts of your colleagues as they describe how FASBO is valuable to them.  Let’s begin with Mr. Robert Waremburg, Director of Transportation for Clay County Schools:

"I have found FASBO to be a tremendous organization of professionals willing to share expertise and guidance for many of our common problems. The FASBO conference is a wonderful opportunity to get invaluable professional development specifically catered for school business professionals which cannot be matched anywhere else. This network of professionals is always very willing to provide expertise, knowledge, and insight for up and coming leaders as well as for seasoned professionals. The camaraderie among this group offers a vast network of resources that easily lends itself to making lifelong friends with those who support education of students across Florida."


Next, Becky Gideon, Supervisor of Payroll, Marion County Schools:


“FASBO is an organization where a Payroll Manager, Specialist or Clerk can be a part to gain important information and skills.  Whether you are newbie or a seasoned vet in the area of Payroll you gain contacts and learn new information every year.  The ability to reach out to other Public School Districts in the state of Florida with questions and for support is invaluable!  The group of individuals involved in this organization are passionate about each of their areas and have a wealth of knowledge to share.”


And finally, Rene Barnard, FASBO Vendor Rep

Professional development is the strategy school business officials use to ensure that, as professionals, they continue to strengthen their education throughout their career. The most effective professional development engages teams of professionals to focus on the needs of their districts. They learn and problem solve together in order to ensure best business practices and achieve success. FASBO uses a variety of professional development platforms to provide collaborative and personal learning.

The quality of an association’s education system relates directly to the success of its members; in this, FASBO excels!”


So as you can see, FASBO is uniquely positioned, and specifically oriented, to help you “bring your best game” every day to the business of educating Florida’s Children.  We hope you’ll join us next month in Saint Augustine, for what promises to be an extraordinary event.  Until then, thanks for all you do for our kids.