Soon to be retirees approach retirement either solely on their own, using the do-it- yourself

method, or they work with someone who can assist them. AXA U.S. commissioned a study on

current 403(b) plan participants. A 403(b) plan is a U.S. tax-advantaged retirement savings plan

available for public education organizations. The study found that plan participants who

worked with an advisor benefitted both financially and emotionally. They often began saving at

an earlier age, attained higher account balances, achieved higher plan contribution levels, and

had greater diversity in their assets than those who did not use an advisor. In addition, those

that used an advisor felt more emotionally secure about meeting their retirement goals. As

times pass, plans and funds grow more complex and diverse and an advisor can be a valuable,

needed service.


From Public Domain, Article "Helping Employees Prepare for Retirement” by Keith Namiot and Fiona Russo. Published in the April 2016 School Business Affairs Magazine, Volume 82, Number 4